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Evil Minded Muzic
Evil Minded Muzic

we are evil minded



2 guys from Oceanside California with a dream. We were hiphop junkies getting high and listening to rap music. Brandon would make beats & me, along with a bunch of other friends, would lay down tracks in the studio in his garage.  We would get some brews, roll up joints, & record all night. As always, Support Local Artist.

Evil Minded

We came up with our name when Cannabis was illegal in California. It was classified as a Schedule 1 drug, so the government claimed it was as dangerous & evil as Heroin, Cocaine & Meth. We were always looking for weed everyday. So since our mind was on the evil drug 24/7. We came up with the name Evil Minded. 

What we do

We are a hip hop / reggae group. Our music is positive, sometimes gangsta, put to a wicked rhythm. The group consist of MajorDamaGe on the mic & Brandon on the beats. Sometimes Brandon can be M.I.A., which makes things difficult. But we still get things done.  

 Evil Minded is the group. Evil Minded Muzic is the business side that handles the filming, editing, music etc..

 We support the Cannabis Community & like to THANK those who support us.

Break It down

Breaking Down Life so you can understand it.

It Don't Matter

This video is about the State of our Union. Dont be blinded to whats going on.

My situation

This video is about the struggle.


We bringing the heat, COMPRENDE!


This song is a true story about searching for weed.


Reggae Positive Vibes


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Evil Minded Muzic

P.O. Box 6187, Oceanside, California, 92052